About Angel

“It is so often I am asked – where did you find your outfit , so I decided to link  a website”

Angel’s closet aims to provide solution to the old age dilemma of ‘Outfit of the day” through providing to you exclusively picked out fashion options and items to aid to this problem , all carefully picked out and sighted by fashion enthusiast , influencer and reality TV show star- Yours Truly.

Dive into the magical world of Angel’s closet through finding self-expression through each individual thread count of a cardigan to bold proclamations of your presence in a room through sparkles and fur.

Dive into this website and feel the addictive yet joyous rush of a fashion piece catching your eye as you grin at your screen, a fantasy of desirability reeling through your thoughts , The excitement sought after every ‘order placed’ to ‘in transit’. The absolute euphoria felt from that confidence boost as your eyes wander across your mirror, realizing your utter fierce power in deciding the clothes you wear as we bring them straight to your doorstep.

Angel Pather
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